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24 October 2022 | Mezzanine The Fine Wine Specialist

Fresh look for Whistler Wines

Located on the golden stretch of Seppeltsfield Road in the heart of the Barossa Valley, Whistler Wines was established in 1997 and is now in the hands of the 2nd generation, with Sam Pfeiffer at the helm. Whistler’s 15 hectares of vineyards operates completely under organic and biodynamic practices and all of the wines are vegan.

Here is Sam speaking to the changes for Whistler and introduction of the Crafted range:

“I wanted to create a range of wines that not only showcased the evolution of our brand, but also highlights the fact that these wines are, at their core, hand crafted, small batch, minimal intervention wines from vineyards using organic and biodynamic practices. The hands and the moon on every label symbolise our handmade, sustainable approach to wine making. Every wine then has 3 key elements that are either part of the story or connect the wine to us and our property. Dan Tomkins, a local SA artist, has individually lead pencil stippled all of the labels. The brand consistency is now very deliberate and intends to become timeless."


Fruit Tingle Frizzante

Made for those who enjoy a hint of sweetness. This spritzy frizzante has just the right amount of bubbles. It’s a fruit basket of flavour across your palate and like our resident Galahs, it’s best enjoyed with friends."


Back to Basics Skin Contact

"Fruit grown on the our estate using organic and biodynamic practices is represented by the willow tree which resides over our dam. A bit "other wordly" like Saturn, skin contact wines are growing in popularity. But they're not new. Like the ancient clay pot, this style of wine is enjoying a renaissance with progressive drinkers."


Dry as a Bone Rose

"The ‘Dry as a Bone’ Rose showcases a sun, which provides the warm temperatures to ripen our grapes and it also inspires you to drink it in warm weather, preferably outside. The cactus symbolises the fact that our grapes are grown in the driest state, on the driest continent on earth. And the bones are a nod to the original label, which created such a resonating catchcry for the wine."


Divergent SMG

"The butterfly is a symbol for transformation and this blend certainly changes year-to-year. Like an artist, our winemaker classifies our fruit each vintage designating each parcel to its best home. The triad represents the varietals, Shiraz, Mataro and Grenache that work together to produce a wonderfully balanced wine."


Atypical Shiraz

"The ‘Atypical’ Shiraz replaces the ‘Thank God It's Friday’ as we move to a more premium feel. We have always been a progressive company, and this wine is all about stepping away from the more traditional Shiraz to which the market has become accustomed. The owl connects to our property, where we have regular Tawny Frogmouth owl visitors, especially in and around our G and H Shiraz blocks. The upside-down house symbolises the fact that this is our entry level, 'house' Shiraz, but flipped on its head. Lighter, fresher and a drink now style that is an attempt at writing a new chapter in the Barossa Shiraz history book, hence the open book.”


Shiver Shiraz

"This is the eighth release of this basket pressed wine, dedicated to our loyal mailing list customers. Starting very early in the morning, our Purple Hands Crew handpick and footstomp the whole bunch component of this elegant styled Shiraz."





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